Back to the origins

A game

Cube 2: Sauerbraten is a free and open-source cross-platform first person shooter game.
It has many game modes available and allows players to join multi-player games thanks to servers.
Maybe because of its old-school design, game-play and release date, Sauerbraten is nowadays more an unknown game with limited active players.
Fortunately (or at least for me), this game is really interesting in many points of view and still has a solid community.
That's why I'm here!

A server

Since Sauerbraten is open-source, lots of server mods appeared like Zeromod or Remod, which added new server commands and possibilities. Today, all most played servers are based on server mods.
Thus, I started to use Zeromod, one of the best stable mods.
But then, I wanted to have a certain liberty and make my own mode, without editing sources (which could be lots of works).
One of the cool aspects of Sauerbraten is that it has an in-game advanced scripting language called Cubescript, which I learned and used often in the game.
Cubescript allows a player to execute real time scripts from the chat or from a file to transform complex operations to something simpler or displaying command menus...
So, I decided to use Remod, which was more flexible as quite all the server commands are made of server-side cubescript.
It allowed me to build new server commands and to start creating my own mod.

A mod

After a while, game mods began to become famous like Zombie Mod or Race Mod and much more... which gave Sauerbraten a new life.
I particularly liked the race mod made by /dev/Zero, which is really appreciated by many players.
Right after making a script which detects when a player is in a certain area, I had the idea to make my own race mod, but with Cubescript and cool functionalities to improve the game experience and have more fun. That's why Remod fits perfectly.
Some of the missing features I needed to race got gently added by |RB|degrave.
Moreover, it can be configured to use a database to store auth, flagruns or have an index of all players connected.
I got the idea to use it with a website to synchronize the best times of racers in real time and make a global ranking based on XP points.
And that's how the website came alive.
Have fun!