Sauerbraten Racing

Welcome to the official Racing Xtreme sauerbraten server website.
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Registration Features

Name protection

Keep calm and let the server rename and kick fakers.

Time Records

Can you beat the best score on each map?

Privacy mode

Race Incognito. Rename to an unused name and your stats will still be registered without players seeing it.

Accurate statistics

Like stats? We got XP, total & average Deaths, Total Wins, Playing Time, Place Forecasts and more!

Special Events

Racing Duels and Tournaments!

Map Voting

Use #maprocks or #mapsucks, in addition to #nextmap, to influence map priority or skip one in rotation.

Map Submissions

Submit your maps directly from the site!

Global and Local Rankings

See your best runs and compare them to the actual ones.

Achievements and Medals

If you like an additional challenge, unlock achievements and earn medals.
Microsoft eat your heart out.

Sentient AI

We are not affiliated with DARPA.

And even more to discover!